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About GreyPlay 101

GreyPlay101 was an idea that grew out of the success of ChildsPlay101, the community directory for children's activities.

The same is true for senior's programs; the information is spread out over many different websites and program guides that it's difficult and time-consuming to find just the right program.

I agian wondered, "Why isn't there one central place for all this information?" And then thought,"Why not build it!" I saw a need in the senior community and filled it.

GreyPlay101 was launched in 2010 with the goal of helping build a community of mature adults involved in activities that promote self esteem and social interaction by identifying community resources that seniors can access themselves or with their families.

GreyPlay101 gives seniors in the greater Victoria area the opportunity to connect with their peers, their communities and  needed resourses and it showcases all the options for getting seniors active and involved in the community, by...

• Bringing awareness to just how many different types of programs are offered.
• Providing the ability to find programs tailored to specific needs.
• Listing community programs such as free events, adapted and special resource programs that might otherwise not have a venue.
• Providing a free & easy way for clubs & organizations to promote the programs that they offer.

We want seniors of all ages to connect with their neighbourhood communities and become more active, start feeling better about themselves and live healthier lifestyles.

We believe in participating in the community in a positive and responsible way. This happens in a variety of venues, from supporting local businesses and events, to promoting charities by helping to fundraise and offering free publicity on our sites.


Festivals and Events in Victoria BC
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Festivals and Events in Victoria BC